6 Great Travel Apps

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These Apps will help you have a Stress-Free Vacation!

In travel, the world of apps is an important part of that. In order to find out some of the coolest apps you can recommend – and sound like a world explorer, just like her – I spoke with my close colleague Joelle Goldman, Director USA and Canada for Virtuoso.

In her role Joelle travels some 35 weeks of the year. That’s about 70 per cent of the time, which is more than some flight crews, I’ll bet! No wonder she is an authority on some of the best apps out there. Here (drumroll, please) are a few of her faves for you to share:

1. Airline apps: Great to get your boarding pass, check flight info, make changes, get notifications and more.
2. Dark Sky or Weather Channel: Joelle uses both of these weather forecast apps for local and up-to-date weather information. She says it’s great help to know what the weather will be wherever she’s travelling to next.
3. STAYConnect: She’s definitely not a fan of germs and says that STAYConnect lets you control your hotel TV without using the remote control. Simply turn on the TV and connect your phone – which now becomes your remote, able to turn the TV on/off, adjust channels and volume and check the guide without touching a (potentially germy) remote.
4. GlobeConvert: Up-to-the-minute exchange rates.
5. OpenTable: For restaurant reviews.
6. Netflix: “Because I love it and I can watch almost anything anywhere anytime.”