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Did you know that Expedia is a Travel Agency? Did you know that Kayak, Orbit, Red Tag, Priceline, Sell off Vacations are also all Travel Agencies!!

So, when you say you don't want to use a Travel Agent, when you instead go online & do it yourself, you are actually using a travel agency. The big difference of these on line agencies is, instead of them working for you, they make YOU do all of the work yourself such as research & data entry!

WHEN there is a problem, and yes YOU will have a problem, you have no one to turn to because these on-line agencies do not provide you any support!

As your dedicated real life Travel Advisor, I'm a phone call or email away, no endless wait time listening to "on hold" music, and no language barrier which can occur through large call centres.

My services are complementary and I make sure that every detail of your vacation is handled with care. I take the time to find out what’s important to you, what pushes your “hot” buttons, giving you that dream trip you deserve.

So don't give away your money away to a stranger, when Travel Agents like myself are more capable, more knowledgeable, & more invested in YOU than a computer.

Why give your money away to a large corporation when YOU can support a small business? An entrepreneur who loves doing a Happy Dance.

Call me or email me today so we can start planning your next vacation.

Or many of my clients do like & prefer to research and search the web themselves, please feel free to explore my website, you will still receive my complimentary services as well! I have access to exactly the same product as all of the on line agencies have at exactly the same pricing when comparing apples to apples!

I look forward to working with you!

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