Do Big Things - Volunteer when Traveling!

Los Cabos, Mexico

Vacations are for rejuvenation, relaxation, to have fun & to replenish your soul all while reconnecting with yourself and loved ones. Creating memories is also such a big part of vacations. Tourism enriches the lives of each country & its people however there are still those struggling worldwide.

My family loves to volunteer whenever we can as we travel.This enriches our experience in each destination, fulfills our needs or wanting to give back & in a very small way supports the locals in need. Volunteering when traveling can be a life changing adventure!

We just returned from Los Cabos & had the opportunity to meet with one of the founding organizers of Feeding Los Cabo Kids, Mr. Tony Hernandez.This is an organization ran by local churches & they provide food & clothing to hungry children. Their goal is to teach young moms teamwork to run these kitchens in the neighbourhoods where need is. The kitchens provide up to 3 meals a week and also safe area for the children & their moms to socialize together.

We spent two different days at 2 different kitchens. Both had received damage in the recent hurricanes. We assisted with clearing debris in the yard & repairing fences and a repaired a bathroom that had lost its roof. We brought arts & craft items & school supplies and clothing & personal items to donate. The mothers and their children showed us gratitude by singing and dancing for us.

There are many ways of giving back in a destination and this can be incorporated into your travel itinerary. Whether it be a mission or organization as above or a school or a redevelopment project or a village that needs aid. Ask us how to incorporate giving back & we can find a unique volunteer opportunity into your next travel plans.

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