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It’s that time of year for the magic of Germany's Christmas markets, some two thousand of them across the country. Find out about their unique attractions, how to make the most of your visit and what awaits you on the culinary front. Also, take a trip to the home of the Christmas bauble. Christmas markets are a great place to meet friends, get gifts for loved ones and feast on delicious treats. Haven’t been to one yet and you are wondering what there is to see? Catch the festive mood, the variety of goods and the yummy, irresistible foods at Germany’s Christmas markets.


Did you know that the colourful glass decorations we hang on our Christmas trees originated in Thuringia, Germany? In 1847, glassblowers in the town of Lauscha in the Thuringian Forest began to make strings of beads and little shapes. This tradition is still upheld today and visitors can blow their own bauble in the local factory. DID YOU KNOW... One of the best ways to visit the Christmas Markets is by a River Cruise ?