Flight etiquette according to travellers

23 NOV 2017: A new global survey has asked air passengers about common travel dilemmas ranging from sharing arm rests on planes to whether it's ok to remove shoes. Should you chat to your seatmate and what’s the protocol in climbing over them to get to the loo? Most travellers, it appears, are in agreement on what is and is not acceptable.

The research, by British Airways, polled travellers in both the US, UK, Germany, France and Italy on the main issues most people have when flying.

The survey has revealed what is apparently the correct etiquette is when it comes to travel dilemmas - and it seems that there are clear rules most people stick to.

However, some are questionable, for instance, 80 percent of travellers say it is acceptable to wake your sleeping neighbour if you need to get past them to answer a call of nature - but only 40 percent say you should do this more than once in the duration of a flight. Hello! Surely there’s a long haul exemption clause.

For arm rest etiquette, it seems that most people agree that taking one arm rest and leaving one for your fellow passenger is the best way with 67 percent of people in agreement. That’s not my take. It seems to me that most flyers I know (the more polite ones) agree that the window seat gets the window armrest, the aisle gets the aisle armrest and the poor bugger in the centre gets both right and left.

Anyway – here are a couple of info graphics to illustrate the survey:

An interesting read - Do you agree ?