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A big reason that I love ❤️ what I do and why I strive to provide my clients the absolute best in customer service! It is with the partnerships and networks and the support of such amazing suppliers that allow me to go above and beyond for my clients! Thank you #Freddie , my sales rep for Playa Hotels & Resorts which include the award-winning Hyatt Ziva & Hyatt Zilara & Panama Jack resorts. #TravelbySandy

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Freddie Marsh is at Hyatt Ziva Rose Hall.58 mins · Montego Bay, Jamaica ·


I was at a party recently and someone asked what I do for a living. I explained that I work for an amazing company operating several brands of award-winning luxury all-inclusive resorts in Mexico and the Caribbean, and my job is to work with Travel Agents in Western Canada.

“Oh cool. People still use Travel Agents?” was the reply.

That question actually surprised me a little. I said “Of course people use Travel Agents. Why wouldn’t someone use a Travel Agent?” I then went on to list all of the reasons why someone should not be booking vacations on their own.

I started with a personal example. A few months ago, friends of ours recently won flights to Cancun (lucky) and they contacted me because they wanted to stay at one of my resorts in Playa del Carmen. They were about to book online, but I urged them to check with a Travel Agent first. A couple of days later I heard back from my friends letting me know that they had booked the trip through a Travel Agent and they were beyond thrilled because she was able to save them almost $1,000 off of what they were about to pay online. Also, they loved the fact that their Travel Agent had personally visited that resort and was able to provide recommendations and tips as well as share her personal photos of the resort including the suite category they booked. To say they were wowed would be an understatement.

Here are some facts about Travel Agents and why everyone should be using one:

• Travel Agents have access to rates that are not available online. The misconception is that it’s more expensive to use a travel agent when in fact the opposite is true.
• Travel Agents are continuously learning and keeping current by attending webinars, seminars, product evenings and attending Familiarization Trips. They do this so they are current on what’s happening in the industry.
• Travel Agents have relationships with their supplier reps (me) so they have a go-to person that can assist if anything goes sideways. Also, Travel Agents use these relationships to the benefit of their clients by arranging special requests, special celebrations, and VIP touches.
• Travel Agents have your best interests at heart. Every day I receive emails from Travel Agents asking questions because they want you to have the most amazing vacation.

Here’s another story showing why you should use a Travel Agent. Last year a Travel Agent contacted me because she had clients (young family) travelling to Mexico and the 10-year old son was severely allergic to nuts. Naturally the Mom was nervous. The Travel Agent knew to contact me so that I could provide her with the contact information for our Food & Beverage Manager at the resort. The Travel Agent was able set up a short meeting right after her clients checked in. After the family travelled, I was forwarded an email from the Mom saying how incredible their family vacation was and how confident she felt after her Travel Agent had looked after everything. She said it was a huge relief when she knew she could relax and enjoy the family vacation because they were in good hands and didn’t need to worry about at single thing. These are the kinds of things a Travel Agent does behind the scenes.

Personally, I would never dream of booking a vacation on my own. Why would I? I love the peace of mind knowing that someone has my back.

Freddie Marsh
Business Development Manager, Western Canada
Playa Hotels & Resorts

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